We're on a mission to provide the platform to build, raise and elevate smart product ideas into great businesses.


    We incubate people's ideas not their experience or background.

    Tazer Wear

    Wearable Tech

    Irvine, California


    Latest in Android wear technology and accessories


    Instasell provides home owners with a self service platform.

    Home selling platform for owners

    Anaheim, California


    FSBO platform provides all of the necessary support for a homeowner without the big commission costs 


    Audience Side Platform

    To monetize all of your U.S. Geo Traffic with Branded Ads and lead generation for mortgage and real estate.  



    Our premier partners include:




    Our unique tech+relationships enable us to better monetize your U.S GEO traffic



    Games and Apps

    Irvine, California


    Tapply develops and manages an entertaining portfolio of apps and games available on the Android and IOS app stores for download.



    6 Functional Drinks in one Bottle

    San Diego, California


    With GREENFIT, you get 6 nutritional and functional benefits: energy, protein, antioxidants, electrolytes, fiber, and green superfoods all packed into 1 bottle!